Sightseeing tours include visiting the most prominent landmarks of the city such as the Palace of XIX century, military school, riding house, buildings designed by such architectures as Pauchenko and Lishnevskiy (houses of Vaysenberg, Zaslavskiy, Barskiy, big synagogue, hydropathic hospital, St. Anna’s hospital, women gymnasium), remains of an old fortress and Church of Intercession and Greek Orthodox Church, situated on the right bank of the river Inhul.

Visit to the local history museum and art gallery.

The excursion from the hotel to the Nadezhda homestead through Tobilevich (Karpenko-Karyy) open-air museum where not only the history of Ukrainian professional theatre started, but also such famous and legendary people as the Tobilevych family, Marko Kropyvnytskyy, Mykhaylo Starytskyy, Maria Zankovetska and many others were brought up. | | | |